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Preservation Hall Foundation: Giving Tuesday 2017

Preservation Hall Foundation: Giving Tuesday 2017

The Preservation Hall Foundation is proud to take part in #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving, on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017. Your generous support will directly benefit the Preservation Hall Foundation's mission to protect, preserve and perpetuate the musical traditions and heritage of New Orleans.

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Who We Are:

Preservation Hall was established by Allan and Sandra Jaffe in 1961, as a performance space supporting Traditional New Orleans Jazz and the rich African-American musical legacy of New Orleans. Preservation Hall's engagement with a diverse community of musical and artistic collaborators has brought New Orleans music into the eye of the global mainstream and helped to revitalize the local cultural economy. In 2011, Ben Jaffe - Creative Director, Member of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and son of the Hall's founders - created the Preservation Hall Foundation to protect, preserve, and perpetuate the musical traditions and heritage of New Orleans. 

What We Do:

Now until December 31st, 2017, you can contribute to the tradition and help the Preservation Hall Foundation's initiatives in a variety of ways. The Foundation’s programs fit into four areas:

  • Education: The Preservation Hall Foundation’s primary activity is to serve the next generation of New Orleans musicians and listeners through our education programs. We serve at-risk youth at schools, detention centers, and community centers in the Greater New Orleans area. The core constituency of our music students are elementary and secondary-schoolers, for whom we subsidize or completely underwrite the cost of weekly music classes, field trips, and educational resources. We focus on providing experiential settings for students to learn by playing and through lasting mentorship from musicians in the Preservation Hall Musical Collective.
  • Outreach: Preservation Hall Foundation's outreach program supports our mission by extending traditional jazz music and culture outside of New Orleans. The primary ambassadors of Outreach activities are our touring Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Activities include free performances at schools, libraries, and other public spaces as well as lectures and master classes in academic and professional settings.
  • Archive Preservation: The Preservation Hall Foundation's archives program protects and honors the tens of thousands of documents, instruments, artwork and other historically important artifacts collected by Preservation Hall over the past 50 years. This essential collection of materials ultimately will be accessible to researchers, students, and jazz aficionados. 
  • Legacy: The Legacy program honors and support New Orleans' culture-bearers in their later years, with a stable salary for their public roles as educators and community musicians.

Join Us:

Starting November 28th and throughout the month of December, we have a goal to raise $30,000. Your gift of $25.00 or more will directly support our programming in 2017 and beyond! Specific programs for the Preservation Hall Foundation include:

  • Neighborhood Horns and Drums: Since 2014, this flagship program has provided one-year Teaching Artists to schools in the Greater New Orleans area with a high rate of poverty and lack of music education opportunities. In 2017, we expanded our program offerings and started a digital audio production class for students at the Youth Study Center Juvenile Detention Facility. 
  • Kids in the Hall Field Trips: Kids in the Hall is our student concert field trip program for local elementary, middle, and high school students. More than 10,000 students attend annually, experience a live concert, while also learning about the history of Traditional New Orleans Jazz. 
  • Masterclasses: This program provides masterclasses in Brass Band and Traditional New Orleans Jazz year-round to educators and music programs in the Greater New Orleans area. 
  • Brass Bandbook: The Brass Bandbook is the Preservation Hall Foundation's free online-resources, made up of transcriptions and arrangements from the venerable Brass Band tradition of New Orleans. 
  • National New Orleans Music Curriculum: The Preservation Hall Foundation is developing an interdisciplinary curriculum for elementary and secondary school students, focusing on New Orleans style music, particularly Traditional New Orleans jazz and Brass Band music. The curriculum will not just be for regional use, rather, it will be available for educators across the nation to help articulate the living art forms that exist in New Orleans on a national level and ensure it's inclusion in music education. 
  • Tour Outreach: When the Preservation Hall Jazz Band is on the road, the Preservation Hall Foundation offers free outreach events, which range from open soundchecks to masterclasses to performances. Tour Outreach is offered on 100% of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band's tour dates. 
  • International Outreach: Launched in 2015 with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band's inaugural trip to Cuba, the International Outreach program build long term bonds with other communities by sharing our knowledge, network, and resources to help sustain indigenous musical traditions. 
  • Community Performances: The community performances provides a range of free concerts in the Greater New Orleans area for communities limited in access to Preservation Hall by distance or economics. These free concerts are performed by members of the Preservation Hall Collective and are designed for the whole family to attend. In addition, the community performance program also provides free workshops for the community. 
  • Legacy: The Legacy Program began as a way to honor the oldest members of the Preservation Hall Community. Through this initiative, musicians and culture-bearers who have dedicated their lives to further the music and culture of New Orleans are compensated with financial and professional resources. In 2017, we inducted Maynard Chatter, Ernie Elly, Daniel Farrow, and Benny Jones into our Master Practitioner Program. 
 Telmary & Habana Sana Perform At The New Orleans Jazz Market

Telmary & Habana Sana Perform At The New Orleans Jazz Market

Giving Tuesday Ebay Auction

Giving Tuesday Ebay Auction