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Preservation Hall Foundation Announces Students for Sousafund Program

Preservation Hall Foundation Announces Students for Sousafund Program

Students To Receive Tubas and Basses to Use in School Music Programs

NEW ORLEANS - The Preservation Hall Foundation is proud to announce that four students were selected for the Sousafund program. 

The students selected include: Kerry Lewis, Jr., Upright Bass, Xavier University New Orleans; Perryion Landry, Sousaphone, St. Katherine Drexel Prep; Darryl Mutin, Sousaphone, The Net Charter High School: Central City; Darnell Lewis, Sousaphone, Edna Karr High School. 

The Sousafund was announced in March 2018 after Ben Jaffe, son of Preservation Hall founders Allan and Sandra Jaffe, had his sousaphone stolen. Ben established the Sousafund after the outpouring of support he received to replace his sousaphone. The program is intended to give at-risk students in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes access to basses and tubas to use in school music programs. 

“At a certain point in a young student’s life, the difference between pursuing a career in music can be access to an instrument,” said Ben Jaffe.  “We have a responsibility to not only mentor and encourage, but to actually put a physical instrument in the hands of the next generation.”  

Preservation Hall Foundation retains ownership while they are being used. If a student decides to pursue a career in music, including applying to music schools across the country, the instrument ownership is passed on to the student.

"Preservation Hall Foundation is committed to music education in New Orleans,” said Ashley Shabankareh, director of programs at the Preservation Hall Foundation. “We are excited to provide the gift of music to 4 talented students here in New Orleans, growing with them in their musical careers."

Image credit: Jen Hayes, Stay Posh Productions

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